Fair Haired Hero Update

Finlay has been doing so well lately. He’s been staying super well and healthy, full of fiestinest, fun and energy which is exactly the way we like him to be. He is an absolute crack up and I could be forever posting the adorably cute, most often naughty and cheeky mischief he is up too. He has us in hysterics and he knows just how to turn on the charm. He does seem to have some issues around coping with anger and frustration aswell as being very irritable and overwhelmed at times which seems to be more than just your average four year old stuff. I never quite know if he’s in pain or what whats behind it, he does keep me on my toes with these outbursts. Chemo does so much damage to growing bodies and brains and Finlay has this piturity cyst too.

We had some dramas around his endocrinology appointments with Finlay somehow being lost between all the departments managing him. It was highly disappointing and frustrating but not something you all needed to hear me moan about! Fixing it involved alot of chasing up on my behalf and alot of organising different people. It was something I shouldnt of had to do and not something that should happen with kids health, especially high risk patients like Finlay. It’s sorted now and his 12 weekly Pamidronate infusion [for his osteoporosis] is a month late but they have now scheduled everything for the one day which means just one cannula!! Thats a win.

So he’ll be admitted on Monday. We’ll meet with his endocrinologist, he’ll get an iv cannulla and they will be able to take all the neccessary bloods from that. He’ll have his calcium levels rechecked, and get his pamidronate infusion. We are hoping they will now re do the bone scan and things have improved enough he will no longer need the infusions or at least have a break. We will find out more about the cyst which is growing that is on his piturity gland and hopoefully get some good answers to the questions we have.